Becky Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu | Short, Straight | Full Mono Cap

Becky is timeless and will always be in style with a shorter layered top and sides and a tapered neckline. Produced with a monofilament top, Becky can be worn feathered forward, to the left or right, or gently spiked and textured for a more contemporary look.

A Monofilament Top (Mono Top) is produced with an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. The fiber in the Mono area also allows for multidirectional styling and parting the hair on the left, right or center creating amazing styling versatility and resulting in an extremely natural looking appearance. A Mono Top feels smoother against the scalp than a Traditional or Open Cap and more comfortable as a result. Often a Mono Top will have a polyurethane strip in the front of the mono area to help create a more secure fit.

Colection: Naturally Yours Collection / Highlighted / Monofilament Top

Head Size: Average

Hair Lengths: Bang: 4", Ear-Tab: 2.75", Nape: 1.75", Top: 2"-3.5", Sides: 1.75"-2.75", Back: 1.75"-3.25"

Select a Color
Black with Brown highlights
Medium Dark Brown with Medium Brown highlights
Dark Brown with Strawberry highlights
Chestnut Brown with Auburn highlights
Chocolate Brown with Carmel highlights
Medium Brown with Golden Brown highlights
Medium Dark Brown with Dark Blonde and Subtle Auburn highlights
Medium Brown with Gold Blonde and Strawberry and Auburn highlights
Golden Brown with Light Auburn highlights
Golden Brown with Light Gold Blonde highlights
Dark Blonde with Light Wheat Blonde highlights
Ash Blonde with Platinum Blonde highlights
Light Ash Brown with Gold Blonde highlights
Light Gold Blonde with Light Blonde highlights
Dark Strawberry Blonde with Dark Blonde highlights
Dark Auburn Medium Brown with Warm Strawberry highlights
Dark Auburn with Copper Red highlights
Light Brown Grey graduating to Medium Brown Grey in back
Light Brown Grey with less Grey in back
Medium Dark Brown Grey graduating to Dark Brown Grey in back
Medium Brown Grey on top with Grey in back
Light Grey Medium Brown with Medium Brown in back
Light Grey Light Brown
Silver White with Light Brown in back
Dark Strawberry Blonde with Light Wheat Blonde highlights
Fire Red with Auburn highlights and Dark Brown roots
Light Wheat Blonde with Light Gold Blonde highlights
Dark Brown with Golden Blonde highlights
Golden Blonde highlighted blend w subtle hints Strawberry