Top Choice Synthetic Topper by Gabor | Long, Wavy

A long, layered top-of-head piece designed with a soft wave to seamlessly blend with your own hair, adding coverage at the crown and luxurious length and volume throughout.

Top of Head Hairpiece. Inside hidden weft for a natural hairline. Velvet rim for added comfort. Four 1 .25" pressure sensitive clips for secure attachment.

Hair Lengths: Front: 8.5", Crown: 16", Sides: 16", Back: 16", Base Size - 5" x 6.25"

Select a Color
Double Espresso
Black Coffee
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chestnut
Sunlit Chestnut
Honey Pecan
Golden Walnut
Honey Toast
Sandy Blonde
Buttered Toast
Buttered Biscuit
Toasted Pecan
Sunkissed Beige
Chocolate Caramel
Rusty Auburn
Dark Copper
SS Hazelnut
SS Honey Pecan
SS Honey Toast
SS Sandy Blonde
SS Buttered Toast
SS Buttered Biscuit
SS Sunkissed Beige
SS Rusty Auburn

Type: Hair Piece