Henry Margu

 Since Henry Margu first came on the scene in 1951, family ownership has developed the company into one of the most well-respected brands of wigs and hair fashions. Over these many years, innovative ideas have helped us create some of the most unique and intriguing styles and colors in the industry. The design staff at Henry Margu has not only focused on creating exquisite fashions but also achieving the highest possible quality standards. Our superior craftsmanship utilizes sophisticated manufacturing techniques including specialized fiber processing and blending methods making styles more manageable and natural-looking. Constantly researching the most current advances in technology, we continually strive to create lighter-weight wigs with exceptional comfort for endless hours of wearing pleasure. Most importantly, the driving force of our efforts is for one purpose … the satisfaction of our customers!

With countless styles and our wide range of salon-inspired colors, Henry Margu is creating freedom of choice to help women look and feel their best!

Henry Margu Wigs…The difference is beautiful!™

Henry Margu is the most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States. Since 1951 they have produced some of the most beautiful and stylish natural and synthetic wigs on the market. Shop our entire selection online.